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Lambton College

Lambton College is the worst school in the world, I have a 4.0 grade average, I've been to Sheridan College as well, at Lambton there are constant runarounds, all equipment is either broken or defective, they constantly want more money everyday and when you run out of cash you are no longer allowed ...


I went to CanScribe and after what has been done to me, i now have to let everyone out there know the truth behind this institution. First off, they are very good at selling! They will they you feel as if you have chosen the best school hands down and will tell you that they are associated with one ...

Thames Valley College
School Scam

Alight so basically...I went to Thames Valley College of Buisness & IT. I enrolled in the Web & Graphic Design course, and was accepted for financial aid via O.S.A.P!..That's perfect! So i'm thinking i'm on my way to bettering myself and getting certifications to help me advance in life and land a ...