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Poor service

Amerispec did an inspection on our Kingsville Home Purchase. All passed inspection until we listed the home for sale less than 1 year later. A prospective buyer had it inspected with another Inspection Service and the roof failed inspection completely.The roof had to be completely re-done at a cost ...

Diliberate gouging

First I will admit that I was forced to pay some dental bills for my children in which we don't have coverage for. Due to the fact that the furnace was not in use the past 4 months Enbridge had hit the bottom of our priority list. What a mistake that was. Usually we would get a notice when a ...

Summit Energy
Contract breach

I do not have any bills in my name. My life crashed 3 years ago and I am still rebuilding it. I have been on social assistance for the past 3 years. I would like to know how somebody in my horrible situation can possible break a contract with a company called summit energy and now am being billed ...