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I first began dealing with easy home 3 yrs ago in another town. I was re-sured that my account would be transferred with us, and no need to worry. I was given an option to take my product with me, or bring it back and I would go into the store of my new location and pick up the same product (s). Well, once I got here to Sarnia, this is where our night mares began. I had to pay 3 administration fee's cause they couldn't transfer my file (so they said) and I had to pay cash up front, I had to insure with them, the list goes on on on on and on. After not hearing back from the store once I finally got half of the product I had already paid for, it was 2 months later that I called in and apologized for not coming in to discuss all of my concerns about them, I met a whole new team of employees. I was told that everyone who had previously worked there was fired cause of fraudulent activity... nothing more was said. I don't believe anything has changed, other than this crew was sought to be more devious and sneaky about their ways. I was told that all the money that I have put into the items, would always stay in the store, but that my almost $3000.00 has disappeared with no trace. Me having receipts didn't matter cause the previous employee could of been making deals with customers... HOW INSULTING!!! So, at this point, I was un easy and should of pulled out of the whole renting or leasing of anything to do with easy home... but I was a full time student, with a fixed income. I was paid every second Tuesday... and was also told that they would not accommodate having my payment on that day, so instead I en cured a $10.00 late fee per week. that adds up. I asked them to fill out a form to take it out of my account automatically, NOP!!! wouldn't do that either cause they said if I didn't have the money there it would cost them money... WOW!!! I wasn't the one making up these ridiculous lies, they were. I always had them paid every 2 weeks... Some how my payment schedule was changed, to make me look worse and worse...

Then to make matters worse, I would have phone call after phone call, while they knew, when I got paid, and when I would be in... they just wanted to bother me. I finally changed my number. Then, they posted my billing information in the lobby of my apartment building... how embarrassing was this??? I contacted a lawyer, and was told that with the proof, and pictures I had, and the signed affidavits I had from all of my neighbors, I could have the product I was paying for 3x's over cleared of any debt owning and own my product... but, I decided, not to take it that far, and called and told them if that were to happen again, there would be harsh consequences for there embarrassing actions towards me.

I could go on and on about how wrong this company is, and how they treat people like 2nd class citizens, but I think you all can relate to most of what I've said... I finally said... F&^K IT and went and bought myself a brand new True Slim 50" Plasma T.V. and I am still waiting for them to come and take there hunk of junk away.

One last thing... I am still waiting for the remote I brought back that they tried to give me a burnt dirty old filthy remote, that went with a somewhat new TV... I called and called to have them get someone to look at it cause it was clearly on its way out... the loaner I was to get, never came, but they tried to pull a fast one on me, and bring me a 5 yrs older tv, with blown speakers, and wanted me to pay the same amount for, and that was the products, I would be paying off... Well, now they can have it all back, but, why won't they come and pick it up? Now, they're trying to work it out with me??? Nop, sorry too late... I want there product out of my home, and to never have to deal with there bull crap again, I hope that someone can start something to where this company has to be held for there actions, and be dealt the consequences they deserve... HARSH ONES!!! If anyone does want more info about all the other things they did, I would be all too happy to provide this... and if anyone wants to go further, sign me up cause I will help... but can't do this all alone... we need everyone to participate... let deal them back there bull shit, but truthfully...


Company: Easy Home

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Sarnia

Category: Business & Finance


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