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Aber Loewen
Aber Abraham loewen, He promises to pay me back my money and don't want to pay me back. Allways hiding

Aber loewen is all ways broke when he has to pay me back my money.

Way pass ten years back I Started dating Aber Loewen as a stripper I was making great money. Aber came to me on several occasions borrowing money which was over $200000. He needed it to pay his guys. He needed to buy this property and that property.

When I got pregnant for him I was excited so I told him I need my money because I can not work anymore because I was pregnant. He told me that is not a good time to start a family because and feed me a bounch of bull as I realze today.

He talked me into an abortion with another promissory claim of marraige gave me a beautiful ring.

The day of the abortion after the drugs was administeredas he promissed to be there he was no where insight.

That day was my hardest cry now I'm 41 and I have never put myself in that position again to throw away a gift.

When I told his mother about what had happened that was the second hardest cry I heard.

Shortly after that I found out about this two girlfriends. I went to talk to him about it witch he lied that I hit him and this girl went on the stand in court and lied on his behalf.

I got in that time two lawyers. Spent alot money on phone bills trying to find him. He was always running. When I reach him he always has noMoney.

Ever since then I've been trying to get my money. He gave me a rec of a car which I sold. Then somthing like seven years later he gave me ten thousand and another ten thousand.

This has been the hardest work trying to get my money.

Every time I reach him is a bad time. Every year is a bad time. He has no money. He said he paid all in dying mother medical bill. He father had an heart attack. He all ways has some excuse. His parents house was on fire he said he would give me some of the claims money he never did.

Question? He paid all his mothers medical bills. Why don't he get back some money from his fatherwhich is his wife.

July 13 2010 I walked into his office. With my recorder and then again he promises to pay me back.

A called a few times to make a date for him to pay me back, he got his phone disconnect but I called a week later it was working fine again.

Now he's getting ready to run again telling me in two weeks he is closing shop. He also theated to call the police on me If I call him any more.

He use the law once and got away with it. Never again.

I settled with him for far less than he owes me. $25000.00And he his refusing to pay.

I sent him email. Phone go to his place of business he avoids me.

He was surpose to call yesturday but he did not. I left messages with his office helper for him to call me. He did to tell me the same story as allways. He has no money.


Company: Aber Loewen

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Aylmer
Address: P.O. Box 20076. St. Thomas

Category: Business & Finance


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