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Tenant rights

A nice apt, nosy landlord is 84 years old - rosa celetti . every day she will complain to you about something, half the time it has NOTHING to do with you... She will accuse you of doing things you haven't done... She takes forever to fix anything and complains about the cost of it.. we had to wait ...

Gateway property management
Poor service

We have bought a new townhouse in a Polygon Development called Red Maple Park. We have had nothing but bad experiences with the property management company (Gateway). We are on our 3rd property manager and even spent a month without a property manager (unanounced of course as nobody informed us the ...

Samir Chowieri
Evicts Seniors

Mr. Samir Chowieri who builds residences for Seniors likes to be known for that. However, in 2012, he evicted two Seniors from his Rooming and Boarding facility at 92 Hotel de Ville. He prefers to call it a "motel" but he has advertised in the yellow pages under Room and Board for the past 10 ...