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Unauthorized billing

My wife ordered some Proactiv from their website. There was no rhyme nor reason to the billing. My wife is not very good at keeping track of these things and the billing varied from about 30 dollars a month to over 100, and some months nothing was sent to us. 3 months ago I had her call the company ...

Rogers Cable
Cable burial

I has been 1.5 years since requesing a burial of a cable wire. Rogers had a crew finally try and dig the wire but after 6 months it was december 200 9 before they attempted...and crew (dueto cold) left the wire above ground threw my tree ..around my pool and sticking out from the corner of my lot. ...

Shoppers Drug Mart
Ude employee

I am a regular customer of shoppers for years.. i go to the dunbar branch on 27th avenue... but it is very dissapointing how the customers are treated. Two employees named margareet and elle are very rude specially margaret. She is very rude and has no idea how to behave with a customer. She ...