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Guy on phone

Right hello I was looking on google street view and i saw one of your lorry drivers on the phone can you believe that? on the phone!!! Disgracefullyou should be ashamed of yourselfs and you should fire the driver. thanks for listening lots of love and kisses bob. ...

Dazzle White

I signed up for this scam a week and a half ago. I was only supposed to pay 4.95 for shipping and handling on a trial item. Since then I have been charged 4.95, 58.76, and now 3.24 for another company that they have given my credit card information out to. I cancelled the product immediatly when my ...


The most disgusting store i have ever shopped in, in my whole entire life. 3 out of 5 times i go there they either have no produce or what they do have is bruised and moldy. the last time i was there i was looking for tomatos, they had about 20 tomatos, i counted 12 moldy ones sitting there. i am ...