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Crappy extended warranties

I purchased a laptop for my daughter in june of 2010. I got the extended warranty.. her computer broke we took it back to staples to get it fixed 2 weeks ago, they sent it away and she got a call saying the computer couldn't be fixed so they would sent her out a 400 gift card to replace the ...

E Bay
Oken product

I purchased a reconditioned GPS on Ebay from seller Zkarlo. First that made a false statement on the customs form and it took 25 days for the item to get to me due to a customs hold. Then it was broken, I contacted Kkarlo, and it took 5 days for a response, and I responed to them, 5 days later they ...

Tim hortons

I work at tim hortons, and its really hot in the summer due to the coffee machines, we have asked for "something" to help cool us off and we were denied. We asked for: A Fan (even a small one) The AC to be corrected (its never worked) even our own little personal fans. All 3 were denied, ...