Offender: Subway | Complaints, Reviews, Scam Reports

No food

You can go into the store, and want a sandwich and they are always out of the required food stuffs three times a week to make it, Are they really a bussiness? Not really, As a bussiness you would assume that they would have ordered the supplies needed.I have seen where they will make your sandwich, ...

Unsanitary employees

I went to get myself some lunch it was around 12:30 pm. There was a girl that was wearing a black subway shirt who made my sub, she made my sub really well but at the end she rang my sub through while she was still wearing her gloves. She played with the money then turned around and started making ...

Rude to children

On Thursday June 28th, I was in the subway restaurant with my son. I was getting good him to practice ordering when it was his turn to order the man behind the counter was extremely impatient and rude. He was mocking my son because he wasn't giving him eyeecontact and because he was being ...