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Slap Chop
Unauthorized charges

My husband ordered Slap Chop online. He purchased this product (Slap Chop with free Graty) thinking it would cost $19.95 USD (a little more with Canadian currency exchange) plus S&H on both items, which we estimated might cost around $10. Soon after, we received 2 Slap Chops, 2 Gratys, and 2 ...

Slap Chop
High Shipping and Handling

$60.00 S&H and Unauthorized Charges. I bought a Slap Chop which I was outrageously overcharged for shipping...and then to my surprise Vacationsavers and BargainLink charges started showing up on my Mastercard statement. The first ones to go through were $1.95 and $1.96... When I called Mastercard, ...

Slap Chop
Not happy

I wanted to have one of those chopping thing, I went online to order it, thinking to pay CAN$19.95 and it turned out that I have to pay US$37.85, this is ridiculous, seems to me that they are misleding the consumer and now I want to return it and was given a Canadian address to make my return, I ...