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MCAP Service Corporation
No Integrity

Borrowing from MCAP will cost you dearly in the long run. Their overall service is appalling. You never receive their best rate, even after 8 years. They duck and dive and use every trick in the book. MCAP only offered me a lower rate once I had signed a commitment with a new lender. They even ...

MCAP's Gross Negligence

Having been made redundant at the end of 2007 the Giblett's mortgage company, MCAP, offered no assistance during this time. Mr Giblett told MCAP of his redundancy immediately it occurred, their attitude from the outset was one of irreverence. Being out of work Mr Giblett received some severance pay ...

MCAP Mortgage Services
Poor service!

We applied for mortgage loan after having 6 years of good experience and trust with credit cards. Loan officer never calls back until there is any deadline and you leave voice mails and emails for 2-3 days and call their manager or customer service department. We applied with them 45 days prior ...