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Google Chest

I got suckered into the $1.97 CD, never did receive it, then started to see a number of charges on my credit card for google chest and 5 other companies - to the tune of over $480 some. Called the bank to ask that charges be rescinded, was given contact #'s for these companies. Google chest - ...

Google Chest
Unauthorized debt

I received my credit card statement and found a 83.75 charge on it which I didn't reconized, I call the phone number list on my statement and I asked which company I was calling the girl did not tell me, she asked why I was calling I explain to her about the charge and after several question she ...

Google Chest
They stole from me

I just got my credit card bill and there was a $131.73 deducted from my acc. This is really not good. I am sure god is watching them and they will have to pay for it somehow. We all will get our reward one day. They will have a lost that they will want to know what they have done. I will get on my ...