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The Brick

To whomever After reading some of the other complaints with the brick service and people never receiving an answer, I suppose it will happen to me as well.but.. Over 3 months ago I ordered several kitchen appliances so that things would be in place when our kitchen was renovated. A week before ...

Wilderness North
Money stealing

I flew out of Uneven Lake Lodge from a fishing trip. My tackle box was loaded on the plane but never made it home with me. When we arrived home we looked through everything, not there, somehow it was left at the Wilderness North base camp. I called there the next day, they said they would look. I ...

Futureshop / LG
Plasma TV

We purchased a 42 " plasma (LG) 2 weeks ago (April 17th) a few days ago (May 3rd )my husband noticed the screen was cracked. Now we had turned on the TV before we bought it and hadn't noticed it was cracked. (Not that we knew what to look for, we were too busy being impressed by the picture ...