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BECKY or STEVE would not give me their last names. Sales Man then told me Steve's last name is "Wayne"! Then I read on here their true names! Leisure RV has already scammed me from May 08!!! & British Columbia

I went to Steve & Becky's Leisure Rv and they got me involved in their Investment Management Program thing. I think I bought 2 RV's but already they won't show me the RV, give me the RV and I was supposed to tell my bank I had it and they rented it out. Now I read on here all the stuff they did ...

Leisure RV Investment Program, Leisure RV, Rebecca Donselmann, Island Warranty
Leisure RV Investment Program Management Program, buying an RV to rent it out JUST A SCAM SCAM SCAM. You will NOT end up with ANY RV AT ALL. Do NOT do this Investment Program!!! & Bc

Leisure RV Investment Program is run by another Donselmann Rebecca. Her father Arnold is under criminal investigation for running the same scam. You will not end up with any RV. Here's how it works: They get you to 'buy' a NEW RV and tell you they will make your loan payments for you, they'll rent ...

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Rebekah Donszelmann is the biggest SCAM ARTIST KNOWN TO CANADA. Beware of her latest Leisure RV Management Program, Victoria, Nationwide

I used to work for Rebekah or Becky as she's conviently calling herself now. Trust me when I tell everyone that her sole motive in life is to steal your money from you. She has had a vast umbrella of companies always transferring funds from one to the next ready to take on the latest scam to make ...