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Ontario Energy Saving Corp (Gas)
& Bond Street Collections Inc. Ontario Energy Savings- Didnt Know I was Registered (not evident from Bill) & now Sending Me to Collection Agency

I'm in a similar situation to Dee21 from Niagara Falls whereby our contract with OES that we were unaware of in the first place was cancelled because I signed with another company. I moved into a home with OES. The person in this home had no idea that they were with OES as it is not clear and is ...

Ontario Energy Savings Natural Gas And Electrical Price Protection Programs
I was mislead into signing a 5 year contract to save money on our electrical bill

I am angry and feel I have be miss lead to sign with this company. I have been trying to fight it since Sept 2006. I finally cancelled the plan today and now they say I owe them $775.00.(penelty charge). We have been paying double the electrial rate for 1.5 years now. We were paying 5 cents KWh ...