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Recopy Inc
Hole Punch Scam

This company cheats you by charging you really cheap on photo copies, but then scams you by asking whether you'd like your copies hole punched. Later you find out that he charges you 5 cents per page!!! If your pages are double-sided, he'll charge you 10 cents per page, so in actuality he's ...

Sherif El-Leithy

Sherif El-Leithy is a SCAM artist! Numerous complaints about him on ModelMayhem, and companies he has worked with. This business is professional and he shows no sign of that. Models be careful!!! DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH HIM! Stay away! SCAM ARTIST! ...

Alberta Home Service
Awful service

On 7/21, we had furnace cleaning, and then after they are gone there was no hot water comes out. I noticed it on Friday night, and they did not fix it until Sunday. The hot water tank's pilot light went out since they cleaned.It was working perfectly until Friday morning. My complain is they did ...