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Readers Digest
Fast cash giveaway

It seems unlikely that Readers Digest would mess up like this as they have always had a very professional media system. Therefor, one must assume this contest is not genuine, even someone has gone to some large expense in printing and arranging distribution through bonefide companies. READER'S ...

Readers Digest
Invalid address

Inserted into our last Readers Digest Magazine, was a book mark sized card telling us we could win a Nintendo Wii by e-mailing: and enter that 5 digit access code on the card to see if we win the Nintendo Wii. However, there is no such address on the internet. ...

Readers Digest
Fraud and scam

Why is it, I cannot link on to a readers digest contest. I received a card with Julys 2008 readers digest telling me how to enter the nintendo wii contest. The web tells me there is no such address for the contest. This has happened numerous times with previous contests and am beginning to believe ...