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To whomever it may concern,

I have had installation and customer service problems at Visions Port Coquitlam. I recently had a video by-pass installed on my 2001 Honda Prelude, at this location. I am writing these events in sequence because ##### (General Manager) and ##### (installer) could not properly communicate and did not understand the sequence of events during our July 24th conversation. I am writing this letter a couple hours after the July 24th conversation had taken place, as I can calmly and accurately describe in detail, without #####(Name) and #####(Name) attempting to ask questions, as they did earlier, in an attempt to confuse the sequenced events.

My video by-pass was installed July 17th, I did not receive information of what component would be installed. I did ask if it was a switch, relay, or button. #####(Name) (employee/salesman) could not accurately tell me. After installation, I was not shown where this product was installed, but I was told by name/caraudio employee). It was installed beneath the OBD II cover which is located on the passenger side of the center console.

Once I arrived to my home, I noticed that my center console trim was loose on the passenger side, near the OBD II cover. I opened the cover and saw a new hole which was never noticed before. I looked around and found a black screw on my passenger floor. I immediately called visions and I spoke to an employee about the location of the product and the loose trim. I was told to stop by so the installer can show me how to activate the new installed product.

I arrived to Visions, 10 min (est) later. #####Name (installer) showed me how to activate the product. I was told; it needed a light push over this cover. I explained I did not like the location; I did not want this cover breaking as Honda employees have broken it twice previously and replaced at their cost. name/installer and I agreed, I would try it for a week and have it moved if it was not a sufficient location. I asked about the loose center console trim, name/installer said it was loose before, he did not need to access the center console, and there was no screw there before he installed the product.

I called Visions July 21st at 11:24 am and made an appointment for Tuesday 24th at 11 am, to have the video by-pass moved to a new location. I originally paid $75 before taxes instead of $50 to have this product installed. The employee attempted to charge me more money, but I did not budge. I also spoke about the loose trim panel and screw I found. I told the sales person to replace the video by-pass as #####Name (Installer) trimmed the original button to make it fit under the OBD II cover. The button was sharp and unsafe. I also asked the sales person; when I come in on Tuesday to have my product moved, please write this loose trim on the work order so Visions can account responsibility.

I left my vehicle at Visions July 24th, 11am. #####Name (installer) was busy but I showed name/caraudio employee the screw that was found and the loose center console. I also showed where I would like the product to be relocated. I removed the OBD II cover earlier before coming in and left it in the vehicle. I put the cover in the right rear passenger seat because I did not want ##### name (installer) touching the cover and possibly breaking it. I originally thought, along with the screw, there may have also been glue holding the center consoles trim. name/caraudio employee pointed out, there was no glue.

This screw fits through a hole located on the center console’s trim. Behind the hole was supposed to be a plastic piece (for purpose of description I will call this a nut, however it is not a nut). This is the piece that may have been broken or fallen off when #####(name) installer removed the screw.

The work order I received stated: “The panels the customer is talking about we never touched them/removed them or anything at the time of the install.” I told name/caraudio employee, this was not acceptable, I need the work order to state: “customer found the center console trim loose and a screw which matches the driver side cover screw.” I then spoke to #####(Name) car audio manager (Visions employee) about the matter. #####name/car audio manager and I looked at my vehicle. The OBD II cover was not where I left it (rear right passenger seat, it was now placed on the right side of the OBD II location. I then sat in the driver’s seat and found on the floor a black broken plastic. I did not realize what this black broken plastic was from. I moved the black plastic to the front passenger floor, where #####(name) car audio manager was sitting. name/car audio manager saw me pick the black plastic up, look at it, and put it on the floor. I then properly removed the driver’s side center console panel to verify the missing screw found (from the passenger side) matched the driver side. name (car audio manager) did not accept responsibility of the loose center console trim and nut, but said he will eat the cost for the inexpensive part. He also wrote on the work order, as I requested: “customer found panel loose and screw on floor.”

I went back to my vehicle; I looked at the new location of the video by-pass and noticed it was not replaced and it was still sharp. I grabbed my driver side cover and examined it, thinking about the broken plastic found when with name/car audio manager, I noticed the driver cover’s carpet was off the plastic, and the panel was broken. I immediately went inside the store and showed name/caraudio employee. name/caraudio employee said himself in our conversation, while waiting for name/installer, “the passenger side was removed, but not the driver side”, when I dropped off my vehicle at 11 am. name/installer did not come back from his break, so name/general manager asked name/general manager to speak to me, as I requested. After some time, name/general manager came to speak to me. I explained the screw, nut, and driver cover to name/general manager. name/general manager, name/installer and I went to my vehicle. We had a conversation about the screw and nut, which name/installer continued to deny and then the driver cover which he says, “it was off before he touched it” (meaning both covers were off.) name/installer had said if he broke it he would have mentioned it and replaced it and Visions installs products properly. name/general manager sided with name/installer and verified the servicing done on vehicles is good. I know for a fact that name/general manager is a new General Manager, as I was told by name/car audio employee. How long has name/general manager been working with Visions? Did name/general manager see the process of the installation? name/general manager obviously cannot verify the installation or speak for name/installer. During our conversation, a female employee threw an object towards name/general manager, which hit the rear trunk of my vehicle. I commented what the f*** was that. name/general manager assumed and then accused me of cussing at name/installer. I explained to him what I had said. name/general manager and name/installer showed problems with their communication. They do not know how to speak, listen or understand what is said. They had to re-ask multiple times about the sequence of events. It now seems that possibly they tried to confuse the situation, of who removed the panels. They must learn to keep their conversations factual and objective instead of subjective.

name/general manager and I went into the store; name/general manager still seemed to be confused about the problems I relayed to him. He also seemed to have a problem with name/car audio manager, agreeing to supply a second hand nut for the screw, from a junk yard. Before I left, I wanted to speak to name/car audio employee about the my conversation of the broken driver side cover. My vehicle came in with the passenger OBD II cover off and not the driver. name/caraudio employee now says, “both were off.” I ended my conversation about this complaint as I have now been lied to by two employees.

1. The product was placed (July 17th) in a tight location where it would be easy to access by removing the OBD II cover and then removing the screw placed on the right side of the center console trim.
2. After installation a screw was found on the passenger front floor. (July 17th)
3. July 24th before removing the driver side cover, to show name/caraudio manager the matching screw type, I found a black plastic on the floor, later found to be from the driver side cover. name/caraudio manager had seen me pick it up, and then “brush it away.”
4. If name/installer did not break the driver side cover and carpet, why is this information not on a work order? This work order is used to account of service and/or problems found before and after.
5. As the covers have been a problem in the past with Honda mechanics, I always take precaution and know the condition before leaving it for servicing if I know it will be accessed as my Visions appointment on the 17th and 24th.

This was my first and last visit I will be making at Visions Port Coquitlam. Customer service was horrible. I had visited prior to July 17th asking about alarm and starter and nx602 clarion installation. I chose to go somewhere else for installation because it seemed as Visions Port Coquitlam employees were not able to the their job nor want to be there. My installation elsewhere was verified, nothing was broken. Visions Installation caused problems rather than being a satisfied customer.

Visions must:
1. Pay for Honda Part #83409-S30-A00ZA
a. If the Part does not come with carpentry, Visions must pay for the carpet to be put on.
2. Plastic Female end (nut) where the passenger OBD II cover screw goes into. I cannot find part #, so Visions will have to solve this issue by calling Honda, or using alternative methods that do not involve heavy modifications.
3. Replace the video by-pass switch with another, which has not been cut (sharp object).

To conclude, name/general manager knows nothing of customer service, name/installerhas lied repeatedly, and name/car audio employee has lied to help cover taking responsibility. Visions Port Coquitlam needs to take account of their responsibility, improve workmanship, and understanding what customer service is about. I have attached a diagram showing the cover for which I am speaking of. The diagram shows the right panel, as it is the same as the driver side. Please call me immediately so we can conclude this matter appropriately. If this is not dealt with, I will be contacting Better Business Bureau (BBB) Canada, thank you.


My Name


Letter to BBB

I have read the response from Name/visions calgary head office on the BBB website.

They have said they did not touch the center console. I have spoken to a couple professional stores. I was told: to have the by-pass installed where the Visions employee had originally put it, for a Prelude which has removable covers on the side of the console. Yes, it would be easy to attempt, rather than removing the navigation. We (professional installers and I) realized that the Visions installer could not make his attempt, so then had to do it properly by removing the navigation system. Both of these installers have supplied letters stating this information. I will continue to other professional shops to get more proof.

As for the driver side cover, it was not removed or laying in the hot sun, ONLY the passenger side was removed and laying in the rear seat, in the sun. The carpet was still intact.

As for " This customer has bragged to our stores about his aptitude for creating issues within a company to get what he wants (He explained of a similar scenario with Honda to our staff)." To clear their purposely misleading version. After the July 17th install of the by-pass underneath the OBD II cover. When I had driven back to Visions and spoken to the installer. I explained to him, why I did not want this by-pass underneath the cover. In our conversation I explained, "A Honda mechanic had used the OBD II device to check for engine codes, which was part of a service. The mechanic removed the OBD II cover, improperly and by accident had broken it." Honda disclosed this information and ordered a new one. A few years later, this same issue had happened again, which Honda immediately replaced. I did not "create issues within Honda." Honda informed me and fixed the issue unlike Visions who has created a problem by employees who have lied and damaged my vehicle. Instead Visions uses the words, "aptitude for creating issues within a company to get what he wants." The installer and general manager have the same attitude, they had accused me for breaking the cover in an attempt to get them to pay for it. Later to blame the original installers of my navigation device and then getting them to pay for it.

There solution is unacceptable

Visions Canada must to:
Pay for Honda Part #83409-S30-A00ZA
If the Part does not come with carpet, Visions must pay for the carpet to be put on.
Replace the Plastic Female end (nut) where the passenger OBD II cover screw goes into. I cannot find part #, so Visions will have to solve this issue by calling Honda, or using alternative methods that do not involve heavy modifications. (this must be new and not second hand)
Replace the video by-pass switch with another, which has not been cut (sharp object).

The general manager contacted me by email in response to this claim and said they would: replace the "nut, " glue the carpet on the cover, and replace the by-pass. I replied to go ahead on these matters, but the broken cover still needs to be addressed.

I have added the following:
Replace any wires they have unnecessarily cut
Re-position the video-bypass switch to the accurate position which I had shown to name/caraudio employee (this was not done properly)

Visions Port Coquitlam or name (installer) does not touch my vehicle.
Must be done at another Visions location
Must be supervised

As for the problem that was found July 25. If my original installers find the bass function was accidentally or purposely damaged or wire a was not plugged back in. Visions will have to
Pay this bill.

All these problems for a simple video-bypass where I was charged $75 instead of $50. This additional charge was because it was not there product or original install. As I have said, I will wait for my Tuesday appointment and then notify BBB.



Company: Installer

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Port Coquitlam

Category: Electronics and household app.


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