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Cutter Recovery Services - Jack MacIssac

In my first statement, I am very grateful in many ways that the internet is available to many of us civilians to take action on certain information and circumstances, to be able to make lives easier.I would also like to thank this website for being so helpful in many ways in helping all of the people who have been ripped off in the past and the many more who might be ripped off in the future.

Just a regular sunday morning with my wife and three boys, when my wife checked my banking account to find there were funds missing.I had not ever seen any withdrawls out of my account that were pre-authorized until today July 30 2006.I called my banks 1-800 number and asked them who, what had taken money out of my account.

They informed me that I had must of authorized this company CRS to make withdrawls from my account.I informed my bank that I did not make any authorization at anytime in my life for any type of automatic withdrawls.

They then informed me that I was to get ahold of this company to find out who they are, and what right they had of withdrawling money out of my account.I came across this website which showed me many victims of this fradulant activitie.

I then called my bank back and informed them that I wanted my account information changed.The bank told me that they would cancel my debit card and I would have to report this fraudulant activities to my branch.

I'm still trying to understand how it is that any company can take money from a bank without athorization from the account holder.Does this mean that I can get information on anyones account and withdrawl money from their account?

It's fraud and as far is this has been reported on this website has been since last November.Does this mean that I can't trust my bank anymore and I'll have to invest in a safe at home?

Some one should put a stop to this company who is fraudulantly recieveing money from who knows how many people.

The real scary part is how many people don't know that this money is dissapearing, who don't have internet, or don't have access to this kind of information.

There was even a news cast on this apparent fraudulant activities and still nothing is done.There are ways of getting your money back into your account through your bank but, is this hassle really worth it?

I don't think these loan places should be able to release any information like bank account information to anyone but the borrower, is that not breach of coinfidentiality or something?

How come a lawyer hasn't sued this loan place for allowing out information that has nothing todo with the borrow agreement?

I sympathise all of the people that are in debt and are in need of small loans to get them through to payday.This loan aggreement that these people made was to pay back this payday loan or whoever, so how can some other company take over that agreement.For example if I buy a car at a Ford Dealership and I don't make the payment;the dealership will take the vechile back by seisure and then try to make payment arrangement to pay the owed amounts off.Even if this means getting a collection agency involved, the collection agency gets ahold of you and makes payment arangements to pay off this debt; the car dealer does not come and take your other car you may own or a house etc...unless you specified directly they could do so if they payments were not met or made.

I thought that these Payday; places from what I've known in the past, cost most people $40 on $100.This payday type places are in a high risk loan catagory and I think shold have to use better discrepency on giving loans out to certain individuals.if this was in place they wouldn't have to worry about their buisness making money.And if they paid for a good collection agency then this wouldn't be a problem.I know that I will be changing my account information and bank type.

I know that this might smarten few people up about auto banking or I hope it will, and I really hope this doesn't happen to anyone else, but I'm sure it will.
Once again thanks and I hope this might give you some info ideas on howto put this CRS company into the ground.

Edmonton, Alberta
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Offender: Cutter Recovery Services - Jack MacIssac

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta   City: Edmonton
Address: Cutter Recovery Services, 1(866)483-5024, 10251 178St. , Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5S1M3
Phone: 8664835024

Category: Education & Science


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