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Can't login in

I'll be on mate1 when the screen freezes, a pop up comes up and says my popgaurd is interfering, so I log off check my pop up gaurd it isn't even on, then I go back too mate1 and I can't log on, or even get into it. I find this annoying since I'm paying too use this site. Why is this happening? ...

A person contacts you, then says they need you to verify your age etc by using a code, they want your phone number to call you with another code to verify. Once you confirm it, they somehow scam your phone number... Session transcript between Thomas (Support) and Ron initiated Sat Jan 23 2010 ...

Executive Calgary Dating
No service

I agree. I signed up November 2008 and was promised 2 to 7 matches per month (I bought the 6 month membership). The first "match" came relatively quickly, but he was already involved in a relationship with someone else. I got a total of 9 "matches" and not a single one of these ...