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I contacted the individual Alberico Chiodo On the Road Auto Service in woodbridge Ontario 416-843-9967 for repairs on my vehicle. He assured me he was able to fix it that he had performed many repairs and rebuilds on these types of engines. Initially he had told me the costs for repair would be $800.00 for everything. As time went on he'd asked me to find a new cylinder and piston for the vehicle. We ordered them from Italy and the parts were replaced and the engine had been completed. He showed me the engine was fixed and sounded fine when he started it so I told him I'd get him his $800.00 then he notifies me that to repair the engine would cost $900.00 plus to mount would be an additional $300.00 this had put me off but I decided to pay so I said okay $1, 200.00 then he says hesitantly well maybe a little more I said how much 1300 he says well I said what 1400 dollars he raised it to 1500 this I was so upset with him taking advantage at this point but this is not the end of the story. I paid him for the repairs but quite obviously lost any trust or repect for Alberico Chiodo of On the Road Service. I got my vehicle back and when I drove it the first 3 gears sounded fine but when I put it in the 4th gear it was making a funny noise. 2 weeks later it broke down he came out the vehicle was stuck the starting mechanism could not engage he rocked it back an fourth then finally it began to move but the engine from its hum went to sounding like a diesel engine rattling and terrible. I told him this thing is not working what are you going to do about it he said I'll take it apart and check so on and so forth. We were tied up for months he couldn't do anything.

The first break down happened in summer it was winter when he came to take out the engine and repair it. He came back and asked if I could find him a piston ring. He said the original was defective thats why I experienced the problem and it was making all that noise. It tooks us a month and a half to get my relative from Italy to send the new piston ring he sent us a bunch to see if they would fit this piston we were so lucky out of 6 rings we found the right one. He got the engine running but it was the same making the same noise and I said I don't trust it this thing is going to break down again what are you going to do about it. He says thats the best I can do I was not happy with it so we agreed that I would find someone else to repair the engine. He would give me all of my money back to have it repaired and his hands are clean. I found someone to do it he took apart the engine and he explained to me the reason the engine broke down in the first place was because the bearings were burnt out and the bearings came out of the rings that held them in place and got caught in the engine this is why I was unable to start the vehicle when it broke down the first time. Alberico Chiodo of had assured me he had taken the engine apart and the bearings were perfect they were beautiful. These were nothing but lies. The new mechanic had shown me we saw chewed up pieces of the bearings in the differential and the transmission. The bearing rings that held the bearings in place were missing bearings. I asked then why did the piston ring break and the new mechanic explained that the piston was extracted improperly there was no reason why it should have broken otherwise. It was brand new the real problem were the bearing and they burnt out because of Alberico's incompetence to put oil in the differential. Alberico agrees to only give me back $1000.00 whereas the other $500.00 he had no reason too keep because of his shoddy workmanship. The new bearings I had to order from Chicago I live in Toronto and cost me another $165.00 plus the new charges for labour which ended up costing me more money. He refuses to give me any more money this guy is not to be trusted number one he's not a licensed mechanic I found and number 2 he's a not a very bright person because his lies are so foolishly manufactured that anyone can see through him. I say to anyone looking to have work done with this individual stay away from him he's bad news incompetent and he's a crook.
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Offender: Automotive Mechanics

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Woodbridge

Category: Cars & Transport


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