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Combined Insurance
Very Misleading

I was recruited away from the company I was currently signed to. I was promised PAID training. I had no income at the time and was desperately looking for work. Free accommodation while I was training. They don't tell you that you this but when you get to the hotel you will find out you are sharing a room with someone you never met. I did get a single room. I said I would go home if I didn't and drive back and forth.

When Friday comes around and you are waiting for your training allowance of 400.00 per week. You find out you don't qualify. I again said I asked to go home and train part time because I really needed an income I have a family to support. I was told I would get special consideration and a check would be issued. That was the only one I got. The next 2 weeks I got nothing and the reasoning made no sense. The end result was I was told it is up to the district leader's discretion to get a training allowance. It's listed in the contract. I couldn't find it in the contract.

The contract! Here is how they get you. It's all free training and free licensing they say. No it isn't once you are done training and you have a license coming. You are to sign an invoice for 5000.00. What you are agreeing to is if you do not sell 5000.00 worth of business in six months or you leave, the company can go after you for 5000.00. They will tell you that they have to do this to keep the government happy they cannot offer free training and licensing. I paid 100.00 at Primerica for training and licensing.

When I went into the field and started training the whole experience got worse. My sales leader was terrible. She left me in a hot car for hours. She replaced policies with expensive ones even if the client said he was unemployed. Combined says they are big on only selling what people can afford. The other thing? She did a fundraiser bbq and garage sale for another agent who's mom has cancer. It's been a while the money raised has never been received. Who does that? Commissions? Well she decides what you get and if you get it. When confronted she will lie to save her own butt. I then get told I am way too negative. They don't want me with Combined anymore.

Now also if you quit the District Leader and the Sales Leader get a charge back of 600.00 each. I was told by my sales leader if I quit she will go after me for this 600.00. So when I was let go I was told if I go after my training allowance they will go after me for 2600.00 because I was already licensed and then 1200.00 for the charge backs. If I leave quietly they will forgive all of those costs. I didn't leave. I was let go. For being too ethical.

The other thing... Its the opp nights they do. The regional manager has one hell of a rags to riches story. Having been homeless and growing up in poverty. That rags to riches story has a lot of holes in it. Also when you google there are things that make you wonder. Like businesses that are short term.

My advice to anyone going into this business is it is not free no matter what people tell you. People do get away with not being ethical. This is all about money. Combined like Primerica is MLM. The ones higher up than you make money off of your hard work. Google insurance companies and the people recruiting you closely. Pay attention to reviews and complaints. There really are some companies that do not have complaints. It takes a lot of time and effort to be successful so anyone promising big payouts is someone to stay away from. Also paid training. Get it in writing. Lastly do not work for this company.


Company: Combined Insurance

Country: Canada

Category: Career & Work

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