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In 2007 I purchased a car battery, I discovered that the battery does not hold a charge, I went back to Canadian tire Kanata Location, to inform them with my issue with the warranty and receipt papers, they tested the battery for 2 hours, and the test results that this battery is defective. At this time I was walking around the store and shopping from the kanata location. At that time I had moved into new house, and I was buying a lot of things, for the house to renovate etc... plus a GPS system $350 plus tools for the car that I never used yet etc... I used to spend over $300 average a week at Canadian tire location for over 4 months.

On the same day I spoke to customer service, at the auto-parts department. The manager claimed that he can not exchange it for me and he does not have another replacement battery, because another client was there on the morning of the same day and they searched for the same battery and they could not find it.

I stayed there for over that hour just calling for my rights to exchange the battery and reminding the staff of the Canadian tire policy for exchange and replace a defective battery. They refused to help me, because they do not have another batter in stock, I was told go to another location "Bells corners" they might have one or the "barhaven" location. I refused to believe that they do not have another replacement battery, for a brand of batteries that only Canadian tire have access to or owned by Canadian tire stores.

I went by my self the shelf of batteries, I searched carefully and then I found the same brand and model of the battery that I have. I called the manager and I pointed out the battery, and then I requested again to exchange the battery for me. Finally they did honor the Canadian tire policy, and they accepted my request to exchange the battery. The total amount of time and frustrations was over than 4 hours, from the minute I walked in with a defective car battery to the time they exchanged my battery. I continue to be loyal customer to Canadian tire, kanata location.

Later on I discovered that the second new battery was also defective and does not hold a charge. I went back again. At this time, as a repeated client for the same problem, I already know where the battery testing machine is and where how to connect it and test it. I went strait to the location where they test the car battery and I called on a staff member. A young employee with full of energy, hooked up the battery to be tested, and told be the that to come back in 2 hours.

I came back to find out, what I already know that this second battery is also defective and does not hold a charge either. A yellow sticker note was attached to the battery indicating that battery defective. I carried this to another near by desk to exchange it, but the have over 15 batteries is stock. I spoke to a manager at the car part service area. they requested my receipt. I looked for my receipt, I did not find it at that time. I went home, searched, and searched, I couldn't find it.

The battery receipt just disappeared. I went back to Canadian tire, kanata location, I spoke a manager there, he said sorry my friend I need you receipt other wise I can not do any thing for you. I continued talking to the manager. He offered me $10 for the battery and I will have to buy another battery. I did not take the offer.

He offered me something else, he said:" give me your battery, but take the top sticker from it, and keep it somewhere safe, and whenever you find your car battery's receipt you will come back and we will deal with it, because you really do not need the battery to clam your refund you need the top sticker number with the receipt that matches the same number of the sticker and I will deal with it." he added : "At the mean time I will you have to buy another battery and pay."

I did not feel that it is right to pay for another battery where the defective battery still under warranty. I told the manager please look into your records, search your database under my phone number, and you will see that truly I purchased the battery from your store from this cashier just two months ago.

The manager searched the database and truly under my name there is a receipt indicating that at the car service department, I have purchased a battery with all dates and number to validate my clam. With original receipt in the database, and the battery number is there, they refused to serve me and exchange the battery for me. We ended up the conversation at the point of, I buy and pay fully for another battery and they will refund me when ever I find my receipt. I agree and I took the offer.

After two defective batteries in a row, and some other client on the same day returning a battery, so I lost trust of buying batteries from the same Canadian tire kanata location, because I did not have good experience using their batteries at that period of time and this specific location. Do not you? I went a cross the street to a Wal-Mart store and I purchased 3rd batter in just few months. the Wal-Mart batter still doing very very good and I have no problem with it.

After few months, the Canadian tire battery is sitting in my garage. I decided to do something about it, either I recycle it or I look for the receipt before I do so. I searched the house extensively, for two days. I found the receipt. Great. I went back to the Canadian tire location in Kanata. I called for the store manager and a tall manager with name ADAM came, I spoke to him, he investigated the receipt carefully, he verified the numbers, and he found that I am in title for another battery, I told him that I have bought another battery from Wal-Mart, and exchanging it does not do me any good.

He said:"bring me the Wal-Mart receipt and I will give you full refund."

I said: "Are you sure? "

Adam Said: "YES! I need a receipt to photocopy it and to show them a proof of purchase." He pointed his finger up, and he looked up while he is saying this to me. I understood that he wants a proof to show his superiors that he is doing his job properly. I agreed, I left very happy, on Monday June 2nd of 2008, at 6:30PM. I came back on the June the 3rd, the next day and I asked for Adam, the store manager. Some one else with name ALLAN, shorter than the manager that I met on Monday, I said: "Sir, I was here yesterday, it is a really long story, I want to cut it short, If you can call the other manager Adam for me please? "

He said ok, he called ADAM, on the phone and ALLAN, started harassing loudly ADAM on the Phone, saying loudly: "I told you that you can not do this."

ALLAN added : "NO!!! NO!!! "

and then ALLAN said to ADAM on the phone :"I AM YOUR MANAGER, YOU DO WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO!!! "

and then ALLAN added: "YOU CAN NOT DO THIS!!! "

ALLAN hanged up the phone and ALLAN turned up to me saying:"So, this is the mysterious Battery receipt that all the sudden surfaced up?? "

I said :"Well, I had to search the house for two days, because I needed this issue behind my back."

Allan said: "I am the Store Supper Manager and MY decision will over rider Adam's decision and this battery will be refunded, it will be exchanged."

I said: "well sir, by doing so this battery does not do me any good. because I have no use for it, Would you please honour Adam's verbal agreement yesterday, and refund it to me, I do not care if the money was Canadian tire money, I would like to spend the same amount of money in your store. but not on battery."

He said that : "there is no difference between the Canadian tire money and real money!! "

Yhen I said but what Adam had told me yesterday is different and it means that it is do-able that you can refund batteries.

He said:"Yes, it could be done, that is a special treatment, but you do not look like special."

Then he added asking me: "Do you want to be treated special?? "

I said :"Yes! I am a good client to Canadian tire".

Then I listed few expensive items I purchased of the kanata location, including $350 tax GPS system and $100 tools, and list went on and on etc... I told him you see some service was done on my cars. He searched the database and he said : "Yes, I see your name, $100 on this car, $150 on another car ..." He started shaking his head and adding in very sarcastic way:"NO, NO, HA HA HA!! " and then:"What is this $100 here and $150 there not good. not good at all, NO! NO, HA HA HA!!! "

I finally decided to take the new battery but continue to call for ADAM's decision and the Previous manager decision which is when ever I find my receipts I will receive full refund.

Thank you,

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Offender: Canadian Tire / Kanata Location

Country: Canada   Province: Canada

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