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Pull ups falling apart

I spend the extra money to buy Huggies pull ups because they are better then the no name but the last time I bought them they came apart in the middle of the night and I had a mushy gel mess of stinky pee to clean up in the morning and had to wash all the bedding. I buy pull ups so I don't have a ...

Toys R Us
Shabby Policies for replacement

I ordered a train set for my child and they send me the wrong product. Instead of encouraging customers they claimed it is their policy to pick up the product before they refund the money or ship the right product. They should stop promoting their website if they cannot deliver the right products. ...

Tara, and other psychics
The false promises

Threatening, scary tactics to get your money. Do not send money via credit card number to these online psychics, please. Tara, Gabriella, Jenna, Maria-sarah. I beleve in parapsychology but these artists are pure evil scam geniuses, I know, many of us are going through hard times now, and then, But, ...