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Huggies Snug n' Dry
Blue Dye

I noticed a couple of months ago that Huggies Snug n' Dry Diapers (various sizes & lot numbers) were leaving blue stains on my kids and their clothing. It seems to have started when they changed to the pattern with bubble/circles. Which is, also, when they seem to have added blue bye to let you ...

Brooks Police

I have to work at 9 am and my roomate has to work at 6am and the fuckin cops come to my door at 1am in the morning looking for my boyfriend. I think waking some one at that time whether what they are loooking for is here or not is fucking wroing. It's not like he killed somone or something.I just ...

City of Winnipeg
Stupid Neighbor Complaint

I moved into a neighborhood over a year ago.I parked a Travel Trailer that did need exstensive work on it however it had been paked in my driveway since we moved in.Suddenly a bylaw officer shows up and said "my trailer was garbage and had to be disposed of or get fined" he also added "that because ...