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Peter jackson red
Oken smokes

I have been smoking peter jackson for 6 years and i have had this problem 4 times, ive had enough...i open my pack, from my carton and 3 packs have broken and short smokes?! why can i not find a real company website, i want to be repayed for these smokes or i want a new carton. this is ridiculous ...

Canada Post
Non payment of contact wages

I recently worked for a 2 week period in April 2012. A contract was signed. Canada Post has not paid vacation pay as per the contract and when I contacted them, I was told it would be paid in June 2012. It wasn't paid and I call them again and they told me I was only entitled to 4% even though the ...

Worst service

Your package goes into the MAZE..., will never reach you. This is the worst courier service I have ever seen. The delivery driver didn't even attempted to be at the address, forget about the buz code. By the way I called 06June, 2012 at 0930 with reference number # and gave them the buzzer. Also, ...