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Genie Bra
No support

I wish that I had of researched this bra before hand. I got caught up in their sales pitch on T.V.. I purchased this bra by calling the 1-800 number and they assured me that if it didn't fit or if I didn't like it that I would get my money back. What they didn't tell me was that by sending the bra ...

Genie Bra

I have read many of these complaints while I was waiting for delivery. AS everyone's experience can be differnt, I would like my chance to "SUPPORT" the Genie Bra (if you get the pun! ). I ordered mine in May, 2011. When I ordered it was on the site that they were now on back-order and would be ...

Urban Planet
Horrible Customer service

July 10th 2011, I was shopping in Surrey Central city mall at Urban Planet, when I moved to cashier, lady was busy, and asked me to went to another cashier, I moved there, and I was inline behind of couple who decided to continue shopping, there was also lady behind me with the same nationality as ...