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Apple ipod

They keep flashing an ad that says i have been selected to win an apple ipod i am not interested and cant seem to get rid of it find it very annoying advertising when trying to play games.can anything be done about this ...

Annzo Corporation
Epeated calls & harassment

Representatives from this company are constantly calling & harassing us. They have been doing so, for almost 2 years now. They have been clearly advised (in the summer of 2009) by at least 2 people from our office that we are not interested in their services. We are in April 2011 & they are still ...

Reliance Energy
Listed for non marketing calls

We are listed to receive NO marketing calls. Time and again they would call us to know if we are still happy with our hotwater geyser just to ask if we are not interested in home security. We are sick and tired of this and we plan action against thiks company. We want to see that they also get a ...