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Bad reaction - need refund

I have had a very bad adverse reaction to their product, AcaiBurn tablets. I have been unable to contact them, and I need to know how to cancel the sending of any more tablets, and also, I need to know how to return the unopened tablets for a refund. This seems to be a scam and everyone needs to ...


Icancelled my subscription with acaiburn and all associates with them. But the other associates such as their membership and secrets of weight loss companys keep billing my credit card and they have put me way over my limit. Now I am in financial straights with my credit card. And cannot seem to ...


It`s not fair 'you take moneys of my credit cards, and you still take money why? you suppos take only $ 4.99, Cancellation now, and gave my a number of cancellation I complaint to Visa to stop you.You rub me $82.43 I want my moneys back. I think you don`t care to rub, but I ask to my ...