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Price Ethics

I bought RegCure online from ParetoLogic for 29.97 USD on the 14th May 2013. ParetoLogig made me believe that is the total amount of buying a software, but actually they mislead the public. On the 13th of November I was charged with $19.97 USD and they sent me a receipt promising to charge me yet ...
Credit Card Fraudulent Charges

I was charged by Safecart twice in a roll on my credit card and it is totally out of the blue. I have not ordered or purchased any of the product /electronic product software etc nor online purchase in the past few months, I don't exactly have any clue what they are selling as well too. The bank ...

Alena & Kevin Strealeff Labradoodle Passion
Puppies die in fire locked in a shed false advertising She advertises home raised but the puppies fried in a fire when they were locked in the shed

In a terrible fire, a litter of puppies and the mom were burned to death when locked in a shed in the backyard overnight. This monster of a woman advertises that her puppies are home raised in a loving environment. Her website has already been removed so Buyer beware because she will pop up under a ...

Alena Strelaeff- Alena's Dogs Labradoodle Passion - BC Doodles
How many names does a small breeder need to sell a few litters a year. How many addresses?

This woman claims to be a small breeder with only a few litters a year yet has more names for her puppy breeding business than Heinz has ketchup. She is known for posting ads for several litters of puppies at the same time and for breeding her dogs every heat. She claims to only breed non-shedding ...