Company name: Adlifestyle
Country: Canada
Region: British Columbia
City: Vancouver
Address: 757 W Hastings St Ste 141
Postal Code: V6C 1A1
Phone: 6046280124
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757 W Hastings St Ste 141, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6C 1A1, Canada

From the Editor at - Advertisements for the decadent lifestyle. A new idea? In fact, I think this is nothing of the sort. It seems that over the past few years each and every time I go to purchase a new magazine off the shelf I do the exact same thing. I flip through quickly to see the newest most eye catching ads from either the newest design houses, jewelers, car companies or anything that pertains to upscale living. It seems that I, just like any other consumer, am drawn to vivid colors, sexy images, speeding cars and yes, diamonds and gems. So each month, what do I do? I purchase magazines, whether it be fashion magazines, car magazines or just lifestyle magazines, I buy them all just to look at the ads. To be honest, I don t remember the last time I actually read an article (and for those guys who say they purchase Playboy magazines for articles, well, um, give me a break...) So as I was sitting and flipping through last months issue of an unnamed magazine it hit me. Why not just create a magazine without the magazine? I was positive that I was not the only one who enjoyed looking at these advertisements. Not only that but I was also positive that I wasn t the only person who wanted to look ONLY at these ads. The hamster in my head began to turn the giant rusty old wheel. I thought of how I could do this. What wording I would use, how I would display it and etc... So what did I come up with? You guessed it, read on. So I lied, you couldn t guess this. Why? My idea was nothing, absolutely nothing. In no way was I going to take away from all those designers who take their time to create these ads that I love by creating a medium that would destroy their work. So I created a plain and simple layout that would enhance their work. A layout that randomly selects from over 300 advertisements a month without taking away the beauty of the designs that they create. You may be asking yourself, "If there is no wording, why am I reading this letter?" Simple, I couldn t just let you browse without giving you an idea of what I was thinking, how it came about and what I think each month of certain ads. Eventually I will have an editors pick. An ad that stood out to me while I was uploading or searching my ad database. Other than that, you wont hear from me at all. Your questions are welcomed and can be sent directly to us using the contact options on the site. Lastly, to get back to where I started. Is this a new idea? No, magazines have known that advertising is the biggest draw to them and they have been doing what I have "re-done" but very stealthily over many years. I just went ahead and called it what it is. Before we get ahead of ourselves however please note. Adlifestyle is a database of ads, the best ads around the world in as many magazines as I can find; however, in my honest opinion, nothing can take away from the fresh print shop smell of conventional magazines and I urge you to support all your favorites because without the magazines there would be no style in any ad... Welcome to Adlifestyle. Raymond Moradoghli Editor

Adlifestyle is Vancouver-based company (British Columbia, Canada) with a phone number 6046280124. Our data show that the company is located at the address: 757 W Hastings St Ste 141. The company has a web site:

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