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Ticketmaster Canada

Ticketmaster was to have tickets for the Garth Brooks concert on sales - either by phone or online - 10:00amMDT Saturday - Apr 14th, 2012. So explain to me how we can have 7 different computers and 7 different phones lines going at 9:58am, 10:00am, and every minute thereafter only to get a busy ...

96.3 Classical FM
Type of Music played

96.3 Classical FM is a radio station that has billed itself The NEW 96.3 Classical FM. My complaint with this station is that they tout themselves as a 24 hour classical music station which is simply not true. While they do play Bach, Beethoven, Mozart etc. they also play songs, music from movies, ...

Celebrity Talent
Bad Agency

Celebrity Talent is not a company you can trust. David the owner is what he likes to call a "spiritual man", but after meeting with him I realize he's just clinically insane. He advertises that he can book you and or your children with ease and from the audition it up to you to book the part. The ...