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Tara, and other psychics
The false promises

Threatening, scary tactics to get your money. Do not send money via credit card number to these online psychics, please. Tara, Gabriella, Jenna, Maria-sarah. I beleve in parapsychology but these artists are pure evil scam geniuses, I know, many of us are going through hard times now, and then, But, ...


I was at a zellers today at woodbine center mall. I came there @ 10:00 in the morning. The sale of certain items came out today on the flyer. At first I looked around only in the toy department. I only seen one thing i wanted a wrestling waist band for my son, i got it. there was a playskool baby ...

Tara medium

I too was scammed by Tara Medium, I contacted the site asking them for a refund and not to put anymore charges on my Visa. Of course there was no reply and I received my Visa bill yesterday and am STILL being charged!!! Has anyone managed to stop this? Or does anyone know how to contact them? I ...