After The Battle

Company name: After The Battle
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario
City: St Catharines
Address: 1 Northrup Crst # S31
Postal Code: L2R 7S2
Phone: 9059373100
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After The Battle
1 Northrup Crst # S31, St Catharines, Ontario, L2R 7S2, Canada

The value of After the Battle publications to historians, students and the general reader is that they provide a truly unique line of research. The extensive, carefully selected and beautifully printed illustrations are never less than top quality and are keyed to the fastidious and methodical research for which ATB is famous. I buy everything they publish; they never let you down. LEN DEIGHTON, LONDON Having read your magazine since the start in August 1973, I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate you on your 100th issue. I look forward to the next 100 issues! NICK, RICHMOND Dear Sirs: The three packages have arrived in excellent condition and the contents are perfect. I would like to thank those responsible for the careful packaging and shipping. It is nice to know that some perfectionists still exist! GENE GALL, USA Not only was I amazed about the many details and the thoroughness of your story, it was also presented professionally. MANFRED WEISE, GERMANY Just a short note to congratulate you on your fine publication, After the Battle. Of all the military magazines and periodicals that I read, yours is by far the most interesting and most professional. Keep up the good work! I look forward to every issue. GEORGE M. BLACK, USA As someone who has been professionally involved in printing, publishing and historical research for the past 16 years, I d like to express my appreciation and thanks for the astonishing achievements of the After the Battle team. The standards you have set are unprecedented and your contribution to the recorded history of WW2 unrivalled. But then you already know that, don t you? N. TREVENA, CORNWALL As a long time subscriber to your outstanding magazine (from the very first issue) I would like to take this opportunity to extend warm congratulations for each and every issue which is awaited with anticipation and read avidly from cover to cover. W. A. HASKELL, GERMANY I have been an avid reader of your magazine for the last 20 years. In that time I have been consistently impressed with the quality and objectiveness of your research. Your books are just as excellent. They make you feel as if you are actually there — nothing can surpass your publications. PETER IMBERGER, MELBOURNE Turning the pages of your books is like turning back the days and years to remember as if it were yesterday. P. D. DAWE, Ex RAFVR How you have done it, I have often wondered! It is outstanding that you have come this far, maintaining a standard that is the definitive of its subject. History has been served beyond expectation. GERALD MANSFIELD, BEM, Ex GUARDS ARMOURED DIVISION May I say that I think your story on the making of the film [A Bridge Too Far] is quite excellent. I am amazed at how much detail you have managed to unearth. MAJOR-GENERAL R. E. URQUHART, CB, DSO The article on Shepton Mallet is absolutely fascinating and I will be making it widely known to staff. THE GOVERNOR, H.M. PRISON CORNHILL If an Australian reader of mixed British-German parentage may state what he s found the most pleasing in your publications, it is the many instances of reconciliation between former enemies that your storylines and research have brought forth. To me, such things are the icing on the cake . JOHN ROACH, NEW SOUTH WALES The latest After the Battle is excellent so much so it nearly caused a divorce at our house. You see I could not put it down. I am most grateful to you for publishing them. BRIAN WALKER Through these magazines I have had a much greater insight and enjoyment from our holiday. Thanks again for all the pleasure and interest you have given me through the magazine, especially being a war baby . PETER ABEL, LEEDS I look forward to each issue and am usually lost in it for a day. I am sure that long after we are long gone they will use it all as a reference work. S. FENNELL, SUFFOLK The tremendous search for accuracy in After the Battle is outstanding, particularly when so much effort is devoted to relating each account to the people who were involved. R. P. ITTER, SWINDON The one thing I find most interesting about After the Battle is the analytical detective work you undertake. The facts themselves are always of interest but the technique you and your colleagues adopt, I find most absorbing. J. F. AYLARD, HERTFORDSHIRE As an ex-patriate Englishman who spent his childhood in England during the war years I am deeply interested in the history of the Second World War and each issue never fails to fascinate and intrigue me. MARK KENYON, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND Just to say that I think After the Battle and associated books are the best military history publications available. J. WOOD, LEEDS Without exception I have found the articles interesting and informative and have been fascinated by many of the then and now photographs. The dedicated research that goes into each subject is most impressive. R. S. BARWISE, BRISTOL Thank you for these fine books and congratulations on producing such a terrific magazine. FREDERICK NOLAN Go to top Contact Us Privacy Policy

After The Battle is St Catharines-based company (Ontario, Canada) with a phone number 9059373100. Our data show that the company is located at the address: 1 Northrup Crst # S31. The company has a web site:

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