Dr. Matta M.D

Company name: Dr. Matta M.D
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario
City: Brampton
Address: 140 Great Lakes Dr Ste 129
Postal Code: L6R 2K7
Phone: 1.905.790.6644
Site: www.drmatta.com
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Dr. Matta M.D
140 Great Lakes Dr Ste 129, Brampton, Ontario, L6R 2K7, Canada

Posted on November 20, 2010 by Dr. Matta Cosmetics Most articles about anti aging are directed to women, but nowadays men are just as interested as their female counterparts in fighting the clock. There are two main aspects to consider, the health side and the cosmetic side and I hope to discuss them both in this article. In terms of staying healthy, hundreds of books have been written about it in the past and new ones are coming out every day, so I won t be able to cover it comprehensively in a few pages. We all want to enjoy a good quality of life as we age, not just a longer lifespan. To do this, the most important thing is still lifestyle"¦ diet, exercise, don t smoke and minimal booze. It s common to find patients who want a magic pill to fix all the things that they have done to themselves, but unfortunately, it s not possible. Diet is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. You are what you eat and food is medicine"¦it raises blood pressure, lowers blood pressure; affects blood sugar levels; contributes to depression; increases or decreases your risk of dying of a heart attack"¦ the list goes on. The most important part of a healthy diet is to keep it as natural and close to the earth as possible. Man usually ruins everything he touches; the same is true for the processing of food. You can t eat burgers and fries all day and expect to be operating at peak function, just like you can t put poor quality fuel into a Ferrari and expect it to perform to its optimum ability. The food industry, fast food outlets and the departure from a natural diet are all contributing to an unhealthier generation and we are now seeing a massive epidemic of childhood obesity which will result in our children s generation not living as long as our generation. We simply eat too much as a society. Your mother is gonna kill me for saying this but skinniness is healthier. The one thing that we have found to prolong life without question is calorie restriction. The lowest body weight short of being anorexic is also healthiest, it reduces your risk of developing diabetes three fold compared to being a "normal" weight. Without writing a diet book, let s review the basic principles"¦Eat fruits, veggies, lean protein (ie fish, seafood, chicken, lean pork, veal, lean beef and eggs), nuts and seeds. Avoid anything man has touched (breads, pasta, obvious junk food, such as sweets, chips, fast food, anything in a "box" at the supermarket). You might not want to hear it but there is no such thing as a healthy bread, nor have I ever seen a study showing that one exists. All refined foods cause a rapid rise in sugar in the bloodstream, followed by an increase in insulin to lower the blood sugar. This can contribute to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome"¦a fancy way to say big belly, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. All of which reduce lifespan and quality of life. It s terrible to say but sometimes the "health benefits" of a lifestyle change aren t enough to motivate a patient to make the changes, but other "fringe" benefits such as cosmetic improvement might do the trick.

Dr. Matta M.D is Brampton-based company (Ontario, Canada) with a phone number 1.905.790.6644. Our data show that the company is located at the address: 140 Great Lakes Dr Ste 129. The company has a web site: www.drmatta.com.

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