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Canadian Tire
Poor service

I walk in to the store in Vancouver at 1st & Cornwall - 2 huge lines ups and only 2 cashiers open. Not a soul to be found to help anybody out. I persevere, get a bunch of things and wait at the front of the store in a line up for 10 minutes. Get tired, go to the back of the store. That cashier is ...

Petro Canada
Expensive gas

This is not really a complaint about any one person, but I really hate the gas prices. I know for a fact that the Big 4 Oil Companies in Canada are making huge profits regardless of the market price per barrel. Their profits stil increase every year, the reason is because we're all so dependant on ...

Air Canada
Rude customer service

I have a credit for a flight from July 21, 2005 when I had to cancel a return only flight from Halifax to Victoria because of car trouble on a cross country trip and could not meet the time to fly home to BC. I had cancellation Insurance at the time and did think to call them to report this. So I ...