Anna s Cake House

Company name: Anna s Cake House
Country: Canada
Region: British Columbia
City: Vancouver
Address: 606 E Broadway
Postal Code: V5T 1X6
Phone: 6048766532
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Anna s Cake House
606 E Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5T 1X6, Canada

click here to go skip to our product suggestions What kind of products do you make at Anna s? Anna s is a full-line bakery specializing in Eurasian Baked goods. Most of our recipes are derivatives of European baking but we have added an Asian flare to the products by introducing different techniques to make the same thing better. The results are amazingly light and flavorful products, many with highlights on textures ads well as tastes. For more information, please click on our product selections in the side panel (Weddings / Cakes / Pastries / Bread & Buns). 100% Pure Many businesses claim to be 100% pure or that they have the BEST quality ingredients. At Anna s we actually do. Even our food costs are almost double industry standards! Our ingredients are NOT all organic but they are all from natural sources. We do not use any artificial flavouring and in many cases we go to great lengths to source our ingredients. Examples of this are our annual mango shipment from the Philippines, using specialized coffee oils, using imported, Chinese chestnuts, using only real Canadian dairy products and chocolate from Belgium and the Netherlands. Many other bakeries will substitute cheap imports, use fillers or incorporate artificial flavouring. Their product texture, taste, colour and even pricing often are often dead give aways. WARNING: Our products are HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. Our Commitment Anna s Mission Statement is to provide the highest quality bakery products without introducing artificial or chemical additives. Anna s also strives to ensure all of its customers receive the best value for their dollar and that each customer is served as if they were a good friend. Our Guarantee We will guarantee all of our products and will address all valid complaints but they MUST be made within 24 hours of the purchase and the product must not be entirely consumed. Please ensure that you store products properly as most all of our products are perishable at room temperature and the cause of most all product deterioration - recall that we do not add any chemicals or preservatives to any of our products. Allergies? We use many types of real ingredients (not artificial flavours) from all over the world. Thus if there are allergy concerns please contact the sales, production or operations manager at our head office ONLY to get specific details. DO NOT order the products from our retail stores unless you are certain that there will be no adverse reactions to any of our products as we cannot guarantee 100% absence of any ingredient. If there are EXTREME or LIFE THREATENING allergies, we recommend that you AVOID all of our products as their is always a chance of cross contamination of raw ingredients or human error in production where trace elements may be found. Lastly, as a precaution DO NOT order products that contain ingredients that will cause allergic reactions even if you request to have them left out. Sugar Free or Diabetic Products Most of our products are not decadent and sweet but for those who require special attention our only sugar free product available at this time is our Sugar Free Fresh Fruit Cake. We substitute artificial sweeteners in the sponge cake and in the cream but continue to use real fruit as the filling. For those who routinely use artificial sweeteners, they will be used to the slightly bitter aftertaste. Our History Anna s Cake House was established in 1974 by Anna, Ronald and Kathleen Cheung and to this day is still run as a family business. Today Ronald, his son Ron and Nephew Greg can be found at the bakery every day. Our Creams Fresh Cream: Most bakeries add a chemical stabilizer into their fresh cream before whipping. Anna s uses only 100% real fresh cream (36% MF) and we whip our creams and not aerate them. The way you can tell is that the chemical stabilizers look smoother and shinier as well as leaving a film on the top of your mouth when you eat it. Why do other bakeries do it? The chemicals make products look smoother, keeps the cream from drying out as fast and reduces the food cost by 30%. Aerating also reduces the food cost as it increases the yield of the cream. Whipping 1 litre of fresh cream yields about 1.7 litres. Aerating 1 litre of fresh cream can produce up to 7 litres. Butter Cream: As we don t use any chemicals, our butter cream is yellow (the same yellow colour as the butter in your fridge). If bakeries claim that they don t use chemicals, how do they make their yellow butter turn white? We use only the Highest grade of Canadian Butter and not any cheap imports. Our Fruits Of course we buy fresh fruits from our local supplier but did you know that to get the best supplies we can, we will go to extents like directly importing a container of mangos from the Philippines every season? You can really tell the difference here as most bakeries use powders or flavouring in the mousse or cheese cakes. Do you deliver? We offer delivery anywhere in the GVRD but the delivery costs can be price prohibitive. Thus, we only recommend it for larger orders. We can call courier or delivery services for you but this is generally more cost effective if you book them yourself. Are your stores franchised? Nope. All of our stores are still solely owned. We are entertaining franchising at this time for locations out of the Vancouver Area but a qualified baker must accompany the offer. Never had any products from Anna s or want to try something new?

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