Home BUILDER Magazine

Company name: Home BUILDER Magazine
Country: Canada
Region: Quebec
City: Pierrefonds
Address: 4819 boul Saint-Charles
Postal Code: H9H 3C7
Phone: 514.620.2200
Site: www.homebuildercanada.com
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Home BUILDER Magazine
4819 boul Saint-Charles, Pierrefonds, Quebec, H9H 3C7, Canada

External Links: Associations & Governments . Builders & Renovators . Manufacturers & Suppliers Home . About Us . Subscribe . Advertise . Editorial Outline . Contact Us . Current Issue . Back Issues . Jon Eakes © Copyright 2010 Work-4 Projects Limited By Jon Eakes Sensible Solutions (September 2010) Resident tool expert Jon Eakes showcases sensible solutions to old problems. Nothing that requires a full day of reading instruction manuals — just a little a tweak here or there to make life on the job a little less of a job … Making Life Easier Just Got Easier (July 2010) This issue ’s selection shares one thing in common: It ’s designed to make the life of a builder or renovator easier. What ’s not to like? Tool Talk - Saw and Order (May 2010) Resident tool expert Jon Eakes showcases new products for renovators. Answering the Compressing Questions (March 2010) Resident tool expert Jon Eakes takes on your questions about compressors and their attachments. From Batteries to Blades (November 2009) As with personal computers, construction high-tech is getting smaller, more useful and more affordable "“ but high-tech isn t limited to electronics. Evolutions in Cutting and Clipping (September 2009) Energy efficiency can often be enhanced by simple changes in construction techniques, and products change with time to help us do that. These products illustrate that evolution and show that, as the materials we work on change, the blades we use to cut them change as well. Old Tools Reinvented (July 2009) Resident tool expert, Jon Eakes, shows us not-so-new tools that are revolutionizing their classes. The Carpet Revolution is Coming (May 2009) Jon Eakes looks at a tool that s going to transform the carpet industry, big changes in drilling holes and a paint tray that s just too narrow to be a smash hit. Saws, Screws and Soldering (March 2009) Saving Your Skin (November 2008) Some new tools that will not only save you time and effort but even a bit of pain. The Cutting Edge (September 2008) Cutting away the rest to find the best new tools. Strike It Rich (July 2008) Eight great new tools and gadgets worth investing in. Spring Line-Up (May 2008) Our tool expert suggests a shopping list of great new gadgets for your toolbox. Layout & Alignment: Getting Simpler (March 2008) In an era when more and more tools are being loaded with laser beams and built-in calculators, it is a pleasure to see some very simple but extremely useful tools showing up on the market. Compact tools (November 2007) Lithium Ion batteries have opened the door for more power in a smaller and lighter package. Accessories: Sometimes they re more important than your tools! (September 2007) A lot of tool accessories never get noticed but the little sleepers can be as important as the tool itself. When New Is Actually Better (July 2007) Given the competitive nature of our society, the push for manufacturers to always have something new creates a lot of products that are new just for the sake of being new or different, not because they represent some form of real progress.

Home BUILDER Magazine is Pierrefonds-based company (Quebec, Canada) with a phone number 514.620.2200. Our data show that the company is located at the address: 4819 boul Saint-Charles. The company has a web site: www.homebuildercanada.com.

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