All A Board youth ventures Inc

Company name: All A Board youth ventures Inc
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario
City: Toronto
Address: 39 Lisgar St
Postal Code: M6J 3T3
Phone: 416.595.9939
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All A Board youth ventures Inc
39 Lisgar St, Toronto, Ontario, M6J 3T3, Canada

JA was referred to us from Street Outreach Services and had many barriers to employment such as a history of addictions, a criminal record and many gaps in his employment history. He also recognized in himself that he had some serious anger issues, stemming from relationships with his family as well as his experiences living on the streets. During our first life skills meetings, we addressed some of his feelings as well as explored some strategies that he could use to deal with these feelings. Although JA has always been an excellent worker and therefore one of the favourites of the managers, he would often have outburst on-shift whenever he was frustrated or felt picked on . He would slam doors, storm out to the back and would, at times, become aggressive and make threatening comments whenever he became angry. We challenged him to recognize and address how his outbursts have contributed to his inability to maintain employment or to communicate effectively with others. We assisted him in building his communication skills with the team - both during the life skills meetings as well as on-shift with the managers. Previously, he would address frustrations or concerns in the heat of the moment , which never proved to be an effective way for him to resolve these issues and often exacerbate his frustrations. He began practicing taking a moment to gather his thoughts, rather then addressing the issue while he was angry about it. He would take his breaks at these moments and would approach the managers after he had calmed down and had had time to fully understand what it was that was frustrating him. By doing this he was able to see the different reactions and responses that he would receive, which helped him understand how to begin communicating effectively, honestly and responsibly. We also explored alternative ways for JA to release and address built-up anger. He joined a boxing gym through the life skills program. He explored his interests in art by keeping an scrapbook/journal where he would draw his dreams and nightmares (which he has continued to do) and he also entered a poetry contest, hosted by another community agency and wrote about his addictions and life on the streets. JA also expressed his desire to see a therapist outside of AAB for these anger issues and we assisted him in finding one that he continued to see for the duration of his time with us. Towards the end of his year at River, JA approached us to say that he felt he was ready to graduate and begin his job search. Being a huge hockey fan, JA s goal was to get a job in the kitchen at Wayne Gretsky s Restaurant. After a few weeks of handing out resumes and interviews, he was hired at Gretsky s as a dishwasher/prep cook. JA most recently called the management team at River to tell them that he had been promoted to a line cook - a position that would not only pay him more money, but would provide him with his own personal set of chef coats. He has been working at Gretsky s now for over a year.MS was referred through Youth Outreach Toronto. She had recently immigrated from Russia and had no Canadian work experience.

All A Board youth ventures Inc is Toronto-based company (Ontario, Canada) with a phone number 416.595.9939. Our data show that the company is located at the address: 39 Lisgar St. The company has a web site:

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