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BHM Financial Group
Don't do this!

My advise to you is to never use this company. I went to them at a time of need and now I am worse off then I was in the first place. The company advertises "fast & easy, bad credit loans, " a loan which is a lean on your car, which is fine. The part that sucks, is the interest they charge is over ...

Mortgage title rip off ... got a high interest loan paid principal only renewal fee was to be 150.00 they added on 3, 000.00 for renewal, felt under duress to agree as we did not have money to pay out al

Got a loan from BHM financial for 21, 600.00 for a mortgage loan ....big mistake! They charged us ridiculous fees of 1600 legal plus plus plus of the top of the loan. We then were told it is an interest only payment we were paying and when asked if you have to renew the loan, was told a 150.00 fee ...