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Telemarke ting

I am fed up with telemarketing, I have had in past 2 days over 5 calls from numbers that can not be traced saying they are representing Sears. Tried to call these numbers back but they are non existing. Please do not give my information to telemarketers, all it is doing is making me not want to ...

Merchant cash Direct

Merchant Cash Direct is a boiler room with 30 people working at this scam company run by 2 criminals Morris Verelli convicted of fraud by the FTC goto their website if you like and Jack Campollero whatever another scam artist. They lie about everything from their visa mc and debit rates extra ...

I core canada
Harrassing phone calls

Daily phone calls, sometimes twice. I call blocked the original number; so now they use an "unknown" number to continue the harrassment. I am so sick of coming home to, or call screening my answering machine and hearing; "this is i core canada, it is really important you call us back... How do I ...