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ATEQ Canada Inc.
2368 Dunwin Dr, Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 1J9, Canada

Mass Flow is becoming more and more popular for leak test applications. Mass Flow has the advantage that it displays the leak rate directly - no need to convert a pressure into a flow reading. Mass flow also has the advantage that, provided the range of the sensor is correctly chosen, it can display a leak test measurement faster than is possible with a pressure sensor. This is possible because during stabilization phase of a leak test, the pressure in the part is changing. This change of pressure will cause a pressure sensor to reach its full scale before the leak can be found. Mass Flow sensors do not have this problem because as the part stabilizes, the measured flow will decrease until the fully stabilized leak test measurement is reached. Do not mistake an early mass flow measurement with a final result! Mass flow measurements made on parts that are in the very early stages of stabilization will not be repeatable. All leak-testing technologies are governed by the laws of physics even mass flow! ATEQ can help you leak test to your full potential. Let us be your consultant and help you balance faster leak testing with quality measurements. Our goal is to help you meet your leak test needs within your budget. Modular design within ATEQ s leak test instruments help us configure the right leak test for you. Is Mass Flow right for you? Mass flow can also make trouble-shooting the leak test tooling easier. With the ability to measure the leak over very long periods of time, the cause and affect of fixture anomalies can be more easily found. Mass flow testers are also more intuitive because you can see instantly the actual flow that occurs when external factors influence the leak tester. Leak Test: ATEQ s leak test instruments are available for testing in both pressure and vacuum. Available leak test technologies include mass flow, pressure decay, differential pressure decay and ioniq. Mass Flow Test: ATEQ s mass flow test instruments are available for testing in both pressure and vacuum. Available mass flow test technologies include mass flow and continuous mass flow. Calibration equipment for your Mass Flow Leak Tester: ATEQ makes it easy to validate your leak test, to calibrate any leak or flow orifices and to conduct leak or flow rate studies. Our portable leak and flow calibrator can be taken to your production line and it can be used in your lab. Traceable and simple to use - anywhere.