Angie Nussey

Company name: Angie Nussey
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario
City: Toronto
Address: 54 Helena Ave
Postal Code: M6G 2H2
Phone: 6476378855
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Angie Nussey
54 Helena Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M6G 2H2, Canada

Biography Uncompromising is a word that most effectively describes award winning Singer / Songwriter, Angie Nussey, a woman who has truly proven her dedication, creativity, craftsmanship, and business savvy over the past eight years. The release of her most recent album, “Little Tragedies” is exciting proof of where this songwriter is coming from and where she plans to go. Five, full length releases, countless songwriting and performance awards, (including best female performer 2005 and 2006, as well as best song (Forbidden Thoughts) 2005 at the Toronto Independent Music Awards), a non-stop touring schedule and an emotional upheaval have returned Angie Nussey to a place of fearlessness that first existed while writing songs just for herself. “Little Tragedies” and its twelve beautifully crafted songs, presents Nussey’s honesty, integrity, and imagination at a level that is unmatched by any of her previous material. Raised in the small, northern town of Lively, Ontario, Angie began playing piano and writing songs at the age of 7. Continuing this insatiable pursuit through adolescence, she carries with her years of private experience as an artist with the delicate and captivating quality of humility. Having written and composed over 100 songs before her first public performance, she intended to work towards a career in medicine. However, one year of University, a summer of tree-planting, and a near death experience resulting in heart surgery, concluded with Angie shedding all illusions about becoming anything other than a professional artist. Over the past eight years, Nussey has developed a large, loyal fan base that devoutly follows her, not just to hear her music, but to experience an Angie Nussey show. It has been noted that Angie displays a sincerity and love for performing that stands out from most other performers. Her creativity extends from her most deeply moving music, into a humorous and self-critical style that puts her audience at ease. Her onstage banter and clever “silly songs” give her a performance style that could be viewed as a cross between Jann Arden and Barenaked Ladies. Once described as “Jewel on Whiskey”, Nussey’s soulful voice, engaging stage presence and sincere writing style offers audiences enough to feel familiar yet never predictable. Previously in 2007, Nussey released a live album entitled “Silly Songs – Live at Hugh’s Room.” This album showcased twelve of Nussey’s quirky songs. The album featured her songs “Hunny Bunny” and “Gynecologist Song” both of which won “Best Song” in the Humour category over consecutive years for the “Songs from the Heart” contest put on by the OCFF. In 2004, her award-winning album entitled “Paint and Turpentine” brought Nussey to the forefront of the Independent Music Scene. With songs such as “Forbidden Thoughts”, “The Day of Your Wedding” and “Leave You Behind” winning awards such as Best song and Female Performer of the Year at the Toronto Independent Music Awards, as well as Best Vocals on a song at the Northern Ontario Music Awards. “Circumstantial Overload” (2001) rapidly introduced Nussey into the music scene with her songs “As it is,” “Shiver,” and “Circumstantial Overload” being used in television and movie media. As well, her song “Man, I wish I had” held the number one position at various college radio stations across Canada. In 1999 Nussey released an 11 song solo album entitled “Here’s my Demo” which sold over 2000 copies and brought Nussey’s songwriting into the limelight. Now at 31 years of age, with eight years of creating, releasing, and touring, five, full length albums, and a wealth of experiences to draw from, this boldly honest songwriter solidly prepares to release her most prized possession through music: Herself. Look for “Little Tragedies” in stores and online. Copyright . Hope Cafe Records. All rights reserved.

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