Company name: Artisticliving
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario
City: Toronto
Address: 494 Kingston Rd
Postal Code: M4L 1V3
Phone: 4166999943
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494 Kingston Rd, Toronto, Ontario, M4L 1V3, Canada

Personal values, lifestyle, diet and a commitment to try to live a simple life. One of my number one goals is to lead a simple life. I am by nature quite a simple person. However, there are always areas in one s life to simplify more in order to create more space and time for those most important and meaningful things of the heart. I strongly believe that the simpler we live, the more in touch with truly living and all of life we can be. I cherish values that embrace our earth, and all life in it. I eat, dress and consume animal free products accordingly to strong vegan values. Consequently I am very critical and careful of each of my choices in terms of what I buy, wear, do or say. I have never smoked or consumed any form of alcohol. I regard every penny spent as a vote and a personal statement in society. Therefore, I make sure to put my money where my heart is. That means supporting businesses and people committed to heart-rooted values. I but organic foods and I am currently sprouting all kinds of seeds, beans and grains to eat at home and I am learning how to grow vegetables indoors all year long. I have always been self-employed. This has allowed me to work from home, and in so doing, not pollute the environment by driving a car to work everyday. Working at home means that I do not need to buy take-out food and waste paper and plastic cups and plates. When I do go out to eat, I make sure to bring my own dish and cup. I only buy clothes when the old ones are totally worn out. I ve never bought them according to the dictates of the fashion industry. I like to strongly draw the line, at all levels of my existence, between what are truly essential needs and what are just outright desires or unnecessary cravings. I critically observe the desires and cravings, let them go and I act upon the needs. I cherish what makes me authentic and unique. I believe that this is my very gift to give to others. I love animals and I do not believe in buying pets; however I do believe in saving animals that will end up in Humane Societies and are going to be put down. I make environmentally friendly choices, such as: not using pesticides in my lawn. I use composting as a natural fertilizer. I grow my own herbs in the summer and whatever else I manage to grow in my garden. The rest of the year, I consume only organic food. I do not support big corporations or supermarkets or organizations that support the meat and dairy industries, or those which make use of animals or which exploit minorities. I try to research as much as I can what goes on behind a label or a product. In spite of all this research, many times, I end up finding shocking facts about companies and this brings me to make new choices and stay away from such companies. I am and look very healthy. I ve been practicing yoga everyday for the past 12 years of my life, as well as walking by the lake (I ve always managed to live near water!) every morning and recharging myself with these peaceful natural surroundings. I also organize women s hikes on weekends. I create the opportunity for women to be able to go to natural trails away from the city and I provide a vegan lunch in an attempt to make a little difference. In this way, I get to offer people with a totally different lifestyle, a taste of having a joyful, healthy yet relaxing day. This might have a little or hopefully strong influence on some people, towards taking interest in following a vegetarian diet and taking steps towards reconnecting themselves to nature and our Mother Earth. In addition, I consider my house to be like little museum of recyclables . Most of the furniture and ornaments I have come from nature or from things that I ve found in the streets. Things which people have thrown away, way before their time. I clean them, and creatively use them, for years to come. Through the years I have decorated all my house in this way. I also have a plant hospital consisting of 82 plants, all of which, I ve saved from the streets. This lifestyle and unique decoration become a strong message to all the students, guests and people who come by my house. Specially because they all love it. This in turn, gives me a chance to explain my reasons for reusing all these objects and things I find. I use dry leafs and dry seeds from nature in order to make all the art decorating the walls. These pictures strongly show my connection to nature and my beliefs. I can safely say that my whole lifestyle and home is an open statement of my beliefs and of who I am. More importantly, I feel that most people that come in touch with me end up wondering about this way of living and want to know more about the reasons behind who I am. I can also say that I try my best to always offer my biggest smile to each person that crosses my path. I try to be compassionate and understanding of the needs of others. I am aware in the streets of simple little things; if for instance, an older person is trying to cross a busy street, I try to give him/her a hand. I just try to be picky in my awareness of all these very simple magical moments, that make each day an open miracle. I try to embrace those very moments, that if we are not paying close attention, tend to go by without us noticing that they are in themselves our life. I am a positive, uplifting person, always full of energy. I quite enjoy carrying out my daily job of spreading my joy. In spite of the fact that some people seem not to care, or are too busy to even bother making eye contact and saying hello. In spite of the world, I try to give away my joy and believe that in so doing, tomorrow I might collect one more smile from a stranger. It is a slow, but very gratifying and rewarding process. One of my greatest joys is making others smile. I also embody a very friendly, outgoing and open personality. I am willing (with certain amount of common sense) to talk to anybody that approaches me at random in my daily life. I really welcome them and their needs without passing any judgement on their social, racial, religious or sexual background. I think that this attitude makes a lot of people gravitate towards me. I quite enjoy giving them some of my love and joy or volunteering answers to questions they ask me. Ninety-nine per cent of the time, I walk away feeling that I ve done something positive and constructive, because these people walk away feeling happier than when they first encountered me. I am not perfect but I am happy to get up each day to face the first light of the day very early in the morning with the hope of making my life and the lives of others a little bit better and merrier. This is one of my main purposes for living to make myself so happy that my state of bliss can spread around and become contagious to all beings. I am not perfect, but each day I try and each night I thank God for having giving me the chance to try; and that makes all the difference! Tell me more about Verónica s books: contents, reviews, how to buy them...

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