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Tim Hortons
Line Up System

New line up system is awful. People who came in after you - could possibly get server before you as it depends on what they order and how the employee handles the situation. Tim Hortons should adopt a express line for coffee / tea only...All other orders should line up regularly. Also - drive ...

Tim hortons
Price Increases

I have been going to Tim Horton's in Alliston for about 10 years and have gone through some price increases along the way, but the latest increase has resulted in my husband and I not using the services at Tim Hortons at all any more. My normal order every morning was 2 Extra large decaf tea and a ...

Tim Hortons (port du nord)
Ude employees

An employee named Vanessa was extremely rude this morning, She said " i don't give a shit if people wait" when i questioned her on that comment she then said "fuck you" ... and gave me the finger, i wish i was fast enough for a photo... next time ... this employee should not work in the public.. or ...