Offender: Telus | Complaints, Reviews, Scam Reports

Poor customer service!

I have been a customer for 30 years and have been using their internet service since they first started it. Last week I called them and updated the expiry date on my credit card as I received a replacement card. Following that, twice now on 2 separate days, the company cut off my email service with ...

Telephone repair!

We had a Mr. Sam Sanduga come in today, Dec, 18th, to check our telephone service. He said it must be a broken wire and he would return in the afternoon to repair it. When he did not return we called him and he said it was not his job to fix it and told us to call 611! When we asked him why he did ...

Terrible service!

I recently tried to renew my contract after 3 years with Telus. It was a very bad experience. I called the Client care services and explained all that I needed for the renewal of myself and my wife. I was told that everything was set up in the notes and I just had to visit any store to pick up my ...