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Norton Annual Renewal

I was billed $68.03 on my credit card for which the activity description of the monthly credit card statement says "Norton Annual Renewal 877-294-5265 ON. I have four operating computers in my house installed Norton products but three of them are still have 400 days of subscription remaining and I ...

Double billing

On sept.15 /09 I ordered a download for Norton Internet Security. I was later billed for two seperate orders for the same product and was debited on my Mastercard for these orders, 1652249054 and 4831820317. I would like my Mastercard to be credited for 65.03. Please confirm that this will be ...

Unsollited Renewal 2009

I never authorized Symantec to pay another subscription with my credit card. I don't understand this action and I don't appreciate it. So, I ask you to cancell the charge of 45, 14 $ US to my credit card immediatly and maintain my subscription to 24 February 2009 only. That's it. Thank you! CC. ...