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, They sent me A counterfit check in the of 4900.00, telling me that I'm entitled to 250, 000.00

I was almost a victim of this awful scam that's getting people in trouble. Standard Trust Inc. sent me a check for the amount of $4, 9.00.00 saying that this check is for payment of the (NoN Residents). Also stating that the Canadian Tax which is applicable to my winnings, that way I don't need ...

Standard Trust Inc
Standard Trust I a Lie

The Standard Trust Inc, give me a note that said that I won 4, 900.00 and I put it in my mom's banck account and 3 weeks later it dissaperd. and the Vice president of the finance is (H. Ford) and the one that I call for this froud was Mandy Hill her phone number is (1-647-894-7137) I call and said ...