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Rogers Internet and TV
Ad experiances

I had a cold call from a Rogers sales Rep 2 weeks ago, ..about upgrades to my phone and TV/ first question was "how much more per month for these upgrades?? " I was told about $10 to $15 to my present bill, so I went for it...Well guess what ...last bill was $53.20 more then last month ...

Rogers Internet
Bad service

I have been calling Rogers repeatedly but to no avail. They are unable to fix the problem over the phone, and they just won't come over and fix it themselves. Such lazy attitude is despicable and even friendly consumers like myself tend to get angry. Why won't they just come over and fix the ...

Rogers Internet

Just looking at the country list, no wonder you have problems. I am tired of never having the perfect service that we pay dearly fo. It is slow to surf, sites close down while surfing, connecting is a pain as you always have to send a problem report, which doesn't really do anything either. Why ...