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Rogers Cable
Customer service

If you have tried to call rogers customer service, you know where I'm going with this. EVERY time they are experiencing "high volumes" of calls showing their lack of capacity for the obviously high number of complaints. Ironic for a telephone service provider? The last time I called I was on hold ...

Rogers Cable TV
Missed appointments!

First I made an appointment to have basic cable hooked up 2 weeks ago they said that the tech would be here between 8am-8pm. I said thats weird but o.k I'll be home. I confirmed the appointment the same day I made it with a separate phone call. The day of the appointment That day I called at 7pm to ...

Rogers Cable
Poor service!

In asking the service representative to create a problem report for not receiving cookies, he begins his standard procedures. In explaining that my side is accepting cookies fine, and the problem is on their side (and explaining how I tested if cookies worked), he quickly shifts subject to my ...